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Company    Certifications  

Wiest products are highly renowned for its great quality in the entire Brazilian market, fruit of the technological development of its production units.

The Quality Management System of Wiest is certified by the norms ISO/TS 16949 in its Automotive Systems unit, and ISO 9001 in its Exhaust Pipes unit, ISO 9002 in the units of Wiest Tubos de Aco and Wiest Intraferro, granted by the certifying body BRTUV from Germany.

Yet as another testimony of the world-class quality of Wiest products, our line of exhaust pipes has received the certification “e1”, which is issued by the KBA - Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, the federal agency of motorized transport from the German government.

Our certifications:

  • ISO 9001:2000

This norm contains all requirements that a Quality Management System shall possess, in such a way that it caters to all specifications given by the client for a certain product, from the receipt of the order, through manufacturing, validation and up to its delivery. It also establishes practices for continuous improvement of the Quality Management.

The objective of the norm is the management by processes focused in customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Units of the Wiest Group certified with ISO 9001:2000

  • Wiest Tubos de Aço / Joinville - SC
  • Wiest Tubos e Componentes / São Paulo - SP
  • Wiest Tubos e Componentes / Joinville - SC
  • Wiest Escapamentos / Jaraguá do Sul - SC


  • ISO / TS 16949:2002

This is the result of the merger of norms ISO with the former QS 9000 (norm established by the automotive industries). It is a specific norm meant for the assemblers of motorized vehicles.

Besides the requirements of ISO 9001, it also has some other specific ones that demand specialized technicians, dedicated to its execution.

It is also focused in the materialization of the product with emphasis to the productive process that shall be approved by the client after the submission of samples, validation and detailed analysis of several documents.

It is a very strict norm because those who attend to it are compliant to the concept of “global” supply of “world class” products.

Unit certified with ISO / TS 16949:2002

  • Wiest Sistemas Automotivos / Jaraguá do Sul - SC



  • Marca de Conformidade ABNT / INMETRO

Consists in the confirmation, by an accredited entity of the normative circuit, that a given product exactly attends to all the requirements specified to it by national or international norms.

To that end, the company must have an implemented Quality Management System (SGQ), and submit itself to a product auditing (samples collected from resellers). Only upon the approval in these two items is that the product receives the authorization to display the seal of the Compliance Seal ABNT / INMETRO.

We currently have such seal for the pipes NBR 5580 and 6591.

Unit having the compliance seal:

  • Wiest Tubos de Aço / Joinville - SC



  • Normas em fase de implantação

ISO 14001

This norm is the result of the analysis of the environmental issue and the disasters and environmental degradation observed from 1950. During the Rio de Janeiro conference (ECO 92), agreements were signed about environmental protection, resulting in this certification system.

While the Quality Management System (SGQ) attends to customers’ needs, the Environmental Management System (SGA) directs the needs – from the parties interested in the manufacturing and from the society – towards environmental protection.

The company certified under this norm is committed with the sustained development, i.e., attending to the current generation needs without compromising the rights of future generations.

By this concept, it is acknowledged that a healthy economy cannot be sustained without an equally healthy environment.

Adopting such norm, the company displays its concerns about the production efficiency, as its objective is to reduce wastage and residues through adequate treatment and management of its processes contributing to the improvement of the environment.

Units being prepared for ISO 14001 certification

  • Wiest Tubos de Aço / Joinville - SC
  • Wiest Tubos e Componentes / Joinvile - SC
  • Wiest Escapamentos / Jaraguá do Sul - SC
  • Wiest Sistemas Automotivos / Jaraguá do Sul - SC

ISO 14021

This norm is an Environmental Self-Declaration. It is only possible when an Environmental Management System (SGA) is implemented, as it is not enough to declare, it must be evident that the applicant has managed its processes so as to minimize or eliminate environmental impacts.



  • Marca de Conformidade

We are beginning the procedures to certify the products NBR 5624, 5598 and 5597.


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