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Wiest uses special assembling techniques on its exhausts. The production line incorporates a robotic welding process, assuring top-quality products.

Assembling techniques also add to the quality of the Wiest products:

Monoblock Interior assembled using the exclusive tube expansion technology, it dispenses with welding, thus extending the component life.
Mechanically Sealed Body it offers the best muffler sealing, which translates into top performance and durability.

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The Exhaust system and its parts:

The Exhaust has several functions. It is very important for the engine's good operation. It reduces the noise made by the engine operation, it leads noxious gases away from the cabin, and it keeps the ideal pressure for the best engine performance, while collaborating on fuel saving.

The Exhaust operation begins at the engine of the vehicle. The explosion of a compressed mixture causes the expansion of gases, which, in turn, move the piston of a cylinder. Next the exhaust valves open up and the burnt gases are expelled, producing noise. Since the engine has a set of cylinders, all of them discharging gases under pressure, a succession of discharges takes place and, keeping their tempo, they pass through the collecting pipe leading up to the muffler, alternating higher and lower pressures and causing sound waves and considerable vibration in the muffler.

Every vehicle model has its own exhaust system, designed for the characteristics of that vehicle. Usually, the parts of an Exhaust are:

Forward pipe: it catches gases from the engine collector;
Catalyst: it reduces the toxic gases from the fuel burning of engines;
Intermediate muffler: it reduces the noise of the engine, prevents noxious gases from entering the cabin, improves performance by keeping the ideal pressure and, at the same time, collaborates on fuel savings;
Rear muffler: it has the same function as the intermediate muffler, rounding out the efficient job.

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