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It is very important that you always keep the exhaustion system of your vehicle perfectly in tune, not only to lessen the sound and air pollution caused by noises and gases spewed out by a poorly maintained exhaust, but also to improve the comfort and safety of the people inside the vehicle.

We recommend that you run a complete overhaul of your exhaust system at least every six months.

A broken support or pad, for instance, will cause greater damage due to the vibration, a problem that might be easily overcome with a periodical overhaul.

Another important reminder: a parked vehicle with the engine running generates 400ml of water steam every 18 minutes. When cooled down, this steam accumulates inside the exhaust. Moreover, fuel burning generates gases expelled through the exhaust; since the system does not evaporate all the liquids (acids) caused by the combustion, after some time they end up oxidizing and corroding the internal parts of the system.

It is also important to bear in mind that the life of exhausts is related to the type of riding vehicles undergo. When there is too much driving in the city, but split into short periods each time, the exhaust system cannot manage to evaporate the acids generated by the operation of the engine, and the extent of its life is harmed.

Look at some symptoms that usually affect exhausts and their most usual solutions:

Noise excess: the probable causes are the interior of the muffler or damper loosened or rust-corroded, or yet a depletion of the glass wool inside the muffler. The solution: replacement by a new part.
Gas leaks: the probable causes are the need to tighten some clamp or the breakup of some hinge or fitting. The solution: tightening of the clamps, fix supports and pads without forcing the assembly, the correct use of sealing on all flanges and junctions as necessary. Eventually, replacements will be necessary.
Cabin vibration: the probable causes are a broken or chinked support, or the assembly positioned too close to the vehicle floor. The solution: check on all supports, pads and clamps, keep the assembly at an appropriate distance from the bottom of the vehicle and not use welding on the chinked parts.
Breakup of part the exhaust System: probable causes are a broken clamp, support or pad, twisted assembly, corrosion by rust damage accident. solution: overhaul and replace damaged parts new ones.
Breakup of the collecting tube: the probable cause is the irregular setting of the corrector and excess vibration. The solution: retighten the screws to prevent them from vibrating. Eventually, it will be necessary to replace them by new ones.
Support, clamp and pad breakup: the most probable cause is operating time or forced installation. The solution: to replace the items by new ones, avoiding installation torsion.
Blow-ups: the cause probably lies on the exhaust system. The solution: to replace the pierced part by a new one.
Car floor warming: the probable cause is that some part of the exhaust system is chinked or that the set is too close to the floor. The solution: check whether the system is not chinked and keep the assembly at an appropriate distance away from the car bottom.

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