Technology and Services
Technology and Services  

Wiest Exhausts presents to the Clients and Consumers market a set of technical, technological and performance features that make it the best company in its segment. Check here some of the main reasons to prefer Wiest:

ISO-TS 16949

The factory of Wiest Escapamentos in Jaragua do Sul has received – by the indication of one of the most important quality institutions in the world, the German TUV – the certification ISSO-TS 16949, in record time, rewarding an intense work in total quality, developed for sometime at the company. This is also the crystallization of a reality that the market was already aware of: Wiest products have its quality from its origin.

Over 40 million exhaust pipes produced

Wiest is the exhausts industry that has the largest production volume in Latin America’s history, having exceeded 40 million manufactured items. If these exhausts were connected in line, they would go around the planet nearly twice. It means more experience and – therefore – higher quality.

Training value

Service is the current market’s main word. Wiest Escapamentos has been investing in this area for a long time. An intense training program aimed at the Client’s workers and contemplating the most diverse activities within replacement stations, with the main objective of improving its performance in sales, has been applied in all regions of the country with great success.

The Best Warranty

Those who make the best product are aware that they can offer the best warranty. Today, the best warranties system in the market is offered by Wiest Escapamentos, aimed straight at the replacement station.

Client Direct Focus

Our central focus is the Exhausts Replacement Station. Every shop in the country where consumers seek the best product – with the best service regarding exhausts – where we wish to be present. To that end, Wiest has the most complete composition of Client support, in all senses.

Selling with the Client

Another permanent concern of Wiest is marketing. With the vision that it is not enough to sell, it is needed to support the Client in his sale, Wiest has been investing in a full marketing and communication program, including from ads at national circulation segmented magazines up to intensive collaterals for sales points, besides a project of shared communication with Clients.

In the market’s tune

Wiest products are available in over 7,000 points of sales in all of Brazil, from replacement stations through auto centers and car retailers, besides equipping the vehicles of the heavy load lines at assemblers Mercedes Benz, Scania and Volvo.

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