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Wiest S/A is one of the most important enterprises group in Brazil in the metal-mechanic segment. With factories installed at some of the main industrial centers of the Country, it produces and supplies excellence in quality and its activities are spread throughout Brazil and also in the international market.

With organization, dynamics, permanent expansion and continuously increasing its participation in several segments, Wiest is consolidating its forefront position of leadership.

As most other companies, Wiest has also begun its activities in a modest manner, in 1947, producing exhaust systems for vehicles in a small factory at the city of Jaragua do Sul, north of the state of Santa Catarina.

The initiative would prove itself as one of great entrepreneurship vision. In the subsequent years, the company experienced a formidable growth, pushed by the high growth of the auto industry in Brazil.

Wiest Escapamentos have developed, embodied new technologies and took the leadership in the market, expanding its borders.

With the diversification of its operations, new units appeared within the company. Wiest Tubos de Aco began its activities in 1974 under the name Simesc, firstly distributing plane steel and manufacturing of structural profiles. From 1991, it evolved to the manufacturing of sown steel pipes, aimed at some of the major segments of the industry.

Currently it develops and makes available to the market products of high standards and quality, certified with ISO 9001:2000. The company has a modern technological structure and advanced industrial equipments, using it to produce a full line of pipes with many formats and proportions, making viable the offer of tailor made solutions for applications requiring the most strict features of precision and resistance.

With installed capacity for an annual production in excess to 60 thousand tones and in a permanent process of market expansion, this Wiest unit supplies steel pipes that add technology and quality to the products of clients in many segments such as the auto industry and the agricultural machines, building, furniture manufacturing, bicycles, home appliances, electronics and others.

The perspectives for the future of the automotive market led the company to acquire, in 1998, the shareholding control of Intraferro, nowadays named Wiest Tubos e Componentes, manufacturer of precision pipes and automotive components.

This is a portrait of Wiest S/A, a group of companies genuinely Brazilian, built with work, strategic vision and moved by the constant pursuit of new paths to the future.

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