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Wiest’s history begins in 1947, in the difficult but promising post-war period. In Jaraguá do Sul, state of Santa Catarina (than a small countryside city), João Wiest glanced at the opportunity and, from the tiny gas producer industry that supplied on the lack of fuel caused by the war, began to manufacture silencers and exhausts to the vehicles that were starting to find their way around Brazilian roads. It was the birth of Metalúrgica João Wiest, installed in a little shed.

The vision that brought up the implementation of the little company has also guided its next steps, always oriented towards the pursuit of new techniques and improvement to the products.

In 1977, Wiest was part of the group of companies who took the flag of installing a structure for steel plates distribution in Santa Catarina, a growing and thriving market in the metal-mechanic market. It was the seed of Simesc, which would be acquired – in 1980 – by Wiest, starting to produce steel pipes of high quality.

In the subsequent years, Wiest – always with its eyes turned to the future – sought the instruments to maintain itself ahead of the tendencies of this ever-growing automotive industry market through international partnerships. First it was the acquisition of the master franchise of Midas Corporation, the largest worldwide chain of quick repairs for automobiles. Later, it was the acquisition of the stockholder’s control of Intraferro, an industry from São Paulo with 53 years of tradition in the auto parts market that is now called Wiest Tubos e Componentes.

All this way ha always been marked by the pursuit for new technologies and processes, the incorporation of advances in the offered products, the total focus in the client and the utilization of modern management methods, such as the adoption of participative management.

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